Neha Surana
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алый, бежево-персиковый цвет, бежевый, красный, оранжевый, персиковый, подбор цвета, серо-синий, синий, синий и красный, цветовое решение, яркий красный.

Frühlingstyp Farbpalette Resource that helps you in color selection, specially created with this aim; it is the generator of inspiration

We shopped a lot a Kelly's Rexall Drug Store. They had a soda fountain that you could get sandwiches, ice cream and best of all true fountain drinks - cherry phosphate (sp?) was my favorite!

Classic vintage diner stools on top of black and white tile are calling a structured dress fitted on a style woman sipping a thick milkshake.

Aqua blue, cream and red. Very striking color pallette for a wedding, shower, party, or other special event. Blanket inspiration-Maddison

I love the rich red and the deep blue. Navy blues, cream and red. Very striking color pallet. Would be fantastic for a wedding or other party décor.

Color Palettes

On the background of warm red and orange, turquoise, an initially cold color, acquires a warm, gentle tone. This palette is perfect for a living room