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Canada apologized. Why can't the U.S. suck it up and realize history has been wrong and should be apologized for, NOT praised and repeated???

Residential schools ended in the Multiple generations of Native American children were beaten, assaulted, killed, and had their entire culture wiped away because the government wanted to be completely in control. We haven’t even STARTED making up for it.

ooooooooooh burn em jimmy

But no joke I would totally watch a gay bachelor/bachelorette show

Refugees and Migrants Fleeing War & Persecution are People Too! Too much of the media presents these people as grasping vermin rather than human families desperate for a safe place to live, work and raise their families. It is our moral duty as fellow humans lucky enough to live in a safe and plentiful part of the world to reach out in friendship and support of these people. | #MigrantCrisis #Refugees #Morality #Duty #Racism

"I believe that all Germany's Jews are looking around the world, but can find nowhere to go." -Anne’s mother Edith, writing to a friend in 1939



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So sad. I do want to point out the men get raped as well, by both men and women so it's not just about "evil men" and "helpless women" although it's usually the case. < it just said rapists, without pointing out genders at all.