I need one of these for each place I visit. Then I can make a travel wall! --Love London #illustration

Special edition typographical map of London - Ivory Paper

love the collage concept and the cliches of britain. i might stir away from the typically british cliches. with this idea i might create negative space to the outlines of these designs.

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This seems good as a British value, as its an amazing british car and is an iconic British car.

"The "Of Course I Can" poster was created by the U.S. War Food Administration in 1944 as part of the nationwide victory garden program. Victory gardens made an important contribution to the home-front effort by producing a significant amount of food (approximately 40 percent of the vegetables consumed in 1943) and by providing a way to contribute to the war effort for those who could not fight on the battlefield. "

From Treehugger: Frugal Green Living Posters

Patriotic Home Canning Promotions Poster ★ from World War II Of course I can! I'm as patriotic as can be --and ration points won't worry me! says the poster text; image by American artist/illustrator Dick Williams of a Woman looking surprised in a fr

British advert for fairy liquid soap.  Looks vintage, but it isn't.

British advert for fairy liquid soap. Looks vintage, but it isn't. Best detergent ever!

Blue Sapphire Gin Ad                                                                                                                                                      More

Bombay Sapphire Gin Ad - whoever holds the account for Bombay is a truly brilliant agency. This is a beautiful piece.

The Best of Culture in London, United Kingdom

The Best of Culture in London

A London bus stops for a London bus. A most delightfully British photo.

Babycham advert from 1960s

How Babycham changed British drinking habits