Syn free Egg Custards

Slimming world syn free egg custards. My husband loves egg custards but is yet to be converted to slimming world foods lol he says it's like real food just without the taste lol

Syn free stuffed herby crêpes

If you're looking for a quick and easy lunch then tuck into these stuffed herby crêpes - best of all, they're completely Free.

1 syn Lamb Kebab

My Slimming World: Lamb Kebab, this is amazing. Tastes just like the takeaway version!

Syn and pastry free quiche

Speedy quiche

Pastry dishes are notoriously high in Syns. but you can enjoy your quiche for Free with our clever pastry-free version. It takes minutes to make and uses whatever ingredients you fancy!

Syn free homity pie

Homity pie

Homity pie Free on green and extra easy potato-onions-leeks-peas-cheese – Recipes – Slimming World my favourite slimming world recipe

2 syn macaroni

Cheat's leek macaroni cheese

Our version of the ever-popular dish features tasty pasta mixed with cheese, mustard and quark – and there’s no need to make a fiddly white sauce!

1 syn mushroom stroganoff

Mushroom stroganoff

The ultimate in Russian comfort food, a flavoursome and chunky mushroom stroganoff is a quick and tasty Syn-free meal.

0.5 syn almond milk rice pudding Play around with milk/water mix

Vicki-Kitchen: Almond milk rice pudding (slimming world friendly) Next time, try tbs sweetener, and swap water/milk measurements.

0.5 syn chow mein

Chinese chicken chow mein

Wok your magic and combine soft noodles with chicken and vegetables to create this ever-popular Chinese dish. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this meaty main will give your local takeaway a run for its money! Use turkey instead if you fancy a change.

2.5 syn fish and chips

Fish and chips

This delicious fish dish will save you over 30 Syns compared to the chip shop variety. It's delicious and is sure to give you that Friday feeling - dive in!

Syn free Mediterranean Lamb

Slimming World Tips and Recipes to share: Mediterranean Lamb FREE on Extra Easy

0.5 syn prawn fried rice

Special prawn fried rice

Special prawn fried rice – Recipes – Slimming World Going to make this next week :)