Fine motor play from recyclables - great Earth Day activity for toddlers.

Fine motor Play from Recyclables

Toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and tape - all you need is a few recyclables for this fine motor pom pom play! (via Teach Me Mommy) Pom poms!

fine motor skills for kids

Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. Create patterns while practicing fine-motor skills. Kids practice cutting skills when they cut the straws themselves.

Button Snake: Teaches children button skills, and strengthens fine motor skills. Super easy to make and little ones just love this activity.

fine motor skills are strengthened with a simple homemade button snake

button snake - fine motor activity for teaching buttoning skills (happy hooligans) what a great craft idea for camping trip . doesn't take up a lot of space and the toddlers love the twirly effect that the snake makes when done.

Hanging cloths activity to work on life skills, language concepts, and fine motor! Visit for more #speechtherapy ideas

Hanging cloths activity to work on life skills, language concepts, and fine motor! I am Thankful for Food and Clothing

cutting paint samples...easy way to introduce cutting on a line.

What a great idea! I never would have thought of this- cutting paint samples.easy way to introduce cutting on a line. Also good because they are a little firmer than plain or construction paper so it's easier to hold them with your non-cutting hand.

Seed Tray for Fine Motor and Sorting Activities

Fine Motor and Sorting~Seed Tray

Bottle Cap Fine Motor Play - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Bottle Cap Fine Motor Play

Bottle cap fine motor play Promote fine motor skills and beginning measurement with this easy prep water play activity. Great game for toddlers and preschoolers.

Making Faces. Loose parts in the finger gym.

Provide children with large cork circles and baskets of looseparts. Another fun twist would be to use mirrors or metal trays instead of cork circles.