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It looks so sureal!

John Maher surfing Teahupoo Tahiti Video Clip and Story about a rising swell, missing the wave of the trip, and getting blown out of big barrels.


Black And White Photography by Noell S. Oszvald Noell S. Oszvald is one of these photographers who can make you feel their emotion immediately. She is 22 years old from Hungary

fireflies, long exposure

Using a slow shutter speed, photographer and physicist Kristian Cvecek captures incredible firefly trails like you’ve never seen. The fireflies appear like ghosts weaving their way through an enchanted forest.

Light Painting with Portraiture

❤ "When you help or love another, you create an energy that vibrates throughout the universe. This energy vibration of love flows and connects us all and as it flows out it returns back to you. So what you do to or for another, you do to and for yourself.

59 / Brice Bischoff - jollybutcher

I love the surreal and beautiful photography series 'Bronson Caves' by artist Brice Bischoff. In Los Angeles's idyllic (and often used as a film set) Bronson Caves, Brice used long-exposure to capture movement and dance he perform .

light painting marble mines

Photographer Stefano Bellamoli creates alien looking globes of light, creatively shot in the contrasting confines of pitch dark marble mines of Verona, Italy.