Make your own blocks from sponges- a great boredom buster

Make Your Own Sponge Blocks

Make Your Own Sponge Blocks for Quiet Time Building Fun - can I just say I love this idea for nap time too. Want to run to Target right now and get some.

Look What We Can Build

'Look what we can build' - homemade book portraying children's constructions, photos and their handwritten labels

Mini me!

DIY Mini Me's: Mini-Me's can be really effective in helping children to develop language and communication skills as well as personal social skills and positive behaviors.

Bricklaying for Kids. Invitation to Play.

Bricklaying for Kids. Invitation to Play.

Kindergarten Lifestyle: Blocks/Building Center FREEBIE.  Links to something totally different :( Keep the pin so can make own later.

Kindergarten Lifestyle: Blocks/Building Center FREEBIE plus how to organize playing "boundaries"

Ipad blocks-Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur block construction (using packaging) - blocks don't have to be made of…

Teacher Tom is constructing with whatever is available, e.g. bits of wood, picture frame corners, plastic tubes with lids, cigar boxes, pieces of fabric, carpet samples, florist marbles, egg cartons, car keys, old CDs & yoghurt containers (",)

New materials can be brought into the block area to create a dynamic and inspiring setting. Great for helping tell new stories!

building with  DVD cases in the block area

DVD cases, loose parts in the construction play area - Peachtree Presbyterian…

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