Eric Cantona, Manchester United FC.the lagenery of football ever have...

Eric Cantona, Manchester United FC - best player ever to grace the United crest in my lifetime. Ronaldo was great, but became greater at Real. King Eric is the one for me.

Zinedine Zidane. Il est un des joueurs les plus techniques de toute l'histoire

Ziz😍ou A great midfielder french, won the Golden Ball as the most valuable player in the World Cups of 1998 and Zidane was named FIFA player of the year in and He retired from professional soccer after leading France to the finals of the 2006 World Cup.

#DavidBeckham. Possibly the most passionate player for England for may years (okay John Terry is up there too!).

Schaerlaeckens: Beckham, four years later

David Beckham, one of England's greatest soccer players has a decision to make here. In a match thousands of thoughts are running through a players mid.

Roberto Baggio. Only my favorite soccer player of all time.

Roberto Baggio (born 18 February is a retired Italian footballer, who predominantly played as a second forward or as an attacking midfielder. A technical playmaker and set piece specialist renowned for his curling free kicks, he is regarded as one o

Francesco Totti, world famous soccer player for AS Roma, born in Rome.

As Roma Nel Cuore Francesco Totti, world famous soccer player for AS Roma, born in Rome.

Pele, Santos (1956-1974)

Soccer wasn't part of the curriculum before Pelé. The States largely ignored the sport. And then - Pelé. The combination of grace, flair, and ability forced us off our feet. Children on soccer fields everywhere owe their joy to Pelé.

Quarter Final 1986 FIFA World Cup. Diego Maradona's HAND-BALL goal that counted against England remains one of football’s all-time most memorable (notorious) moments. Unrepentant after the match when television replays proved he had handled the ball, Maradona claimed it was ’The Hand of God’. And reason enough why he should NOT be mentioned in the same breath as Pele, a true 'great'.

The 101 Most Iconic Photographs in Sports History

Diego Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God' goal in the 1986 World Cup. England still hasn't forgotten. or forgiven for that matter.