Cultuurdie we vaak horen : in dit geval kunst.

Summer time brings vacations at the beach and time to create with sand. Time for building a sand castle or going to a sandcastle contest. Time to view some awesome sand art sculptures! Here is: HE'S got the whole world in HIS hands!

optische Täuschung

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?

Hyperrealistische zwart-wit schilderijen

Millenium: Optical Illusion Portraits by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan. Millenium series by Armenian artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan developed a number of oil paintings t

Photgraphy by Bobby Neel Adams. "AgeMaps" Spliced pictures of the same person when they are young and old

Fotógrafo ‘costura’ rostos do passado e do presente

contrast, Photgraphy by Bobby Neel Adams. "AgeMaps" Spliced pictures of the same person when they are young and old

AgeMaps is a project by photographer Bobby Neel Adams in which he does “photo surgery” on portraits to show two different moments in a person’s life in the same image. For each subject, Adams takes a childhood photo and a current photo, prints them at the same proportions, tears them in half, and glues the halves together. He says that this is to “telescope the slow process of aging into a single picture,” and that “a jump of time is established at the tear.”

Portraits of People in Two Different Times

Photographer Bobby Neel Adams combines two photos of his portraits subjects—one as a youth and one as an adult—into composite portraits he calls “AgeMaps.” The portraits are composited without the aid of computers. Idea for 'time/change' theme for my fmp

. De Nederlandse vlag omdat dit de vlag va ins land is. En als gebruikt in mijn boek

The Dutch flag, is in its current form since There is particular reason as to why our flag is like this. It is however very likely that this flag has inspired many other counties' flag like Russia.

¿ Qué es lo que ves?        Oleg Shuplyak es un artista de origen ucraniano, naci do den 1967 y considerado un maestro de l ma nej o ...

Hidden Faces Illusions will comprise of the naturally occurring images, the digitally edited images and the paintings.

De natuur als inspiratiebron voor vrolijke straatkunst | Paradijsvogels Magazine

Awesome "Graffitrees": Graffiti with Actual Trees, Afro Taino by Gabriel Abreu in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic


The beauty of Art. I love her beatiful cool blue eyes. I love the different scale of patches that make up he face.

wat is mijn identiteit

wat is mijn identiteit