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Coral zoanthids – Photosynthetic Gorgs. They grow quite fast. Started from about 2" frags and now they are 6-7" with multiple branches

Look at these beautiful coral zoanthids! They easily propagate and are very durable in many water conditions.

zoanthids | These insane zoanthids just appeared at Detroit Coral Farms. Name them ...

Crazy Zoanthids - These insane zoanthids just appeared at Detroit Coral Farms. Name them in the comments section!

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Now that I have discussed my intentions with my reef tank, let me begin with the first specific aspect of my tank design, my aquascape. Webster defines aquascape as either a scenic body of water o…

Love to have an aquarium like this in my house.

[IMG] We are going to be compiling nominations for the Top Ten Aquariums of all time and we need your help!

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So vibrant! --- Protect aquatic life with the accuracy of analytical chemistry instrument analysis.Com --- Image Source: Unknown

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Kawasaki Z 1000 2016

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There's no need to get two heaters. So for the subsequent six weeks you need to do water changes weekly. Normal water changes additionally help to maintain appropriate PH levels.

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