Glastonbury Music Festival-everyone should try it once

The little market town of Glatonbury with its New Age atmosphere and wonderful Abbey Gardens and Tor is a 40 min drive northeast from Oatley Vineyard. The festival entrance is near the village of Pilton, minutes further.

Mick & Keith live at Glastonbury Festival 2013

Mick Jagger (left) and Keith Richards (right) from the Rolling Stones perform on the Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury 2013 Festival

Glastonbury festival (AP)

As Glastonbury 2016 draws to a close, Dorian Lynskey recalls the music, madness and magical transformation that have seen him return 17 times

Glastonbury Festival Accommodation under water

Glastonbury--our ancestors lived close by this famously spiritually renewing gathering place.