use pretty card stock in cellophane bags for cookies and treats

Cookie Gift Bag - How to Use patterned paper for backing in clear treat bags ~ a clever idea and jazzes up the packaging instantly.

Thin posts (tiki torches) along walkway with round lights or chinese lantern style stringers between. Up high enough to stop cats/dogs playing with them or people tripping over them, cemented into ground with rocks if you have a problem with things being dug up.

Workshop Garden Inspiration

DIY wedding lights on shepherd hooks or poles outside. Set a romantic mood with wedding lighting. Sometimes the last thing we think about but so important indoors or outdoors.

that pull-out table is genius!

(PULL OUT TABLE) This is the built-in office I want for my small space office/den. The pull out table is what I love about this design.

Rangement optimal pour travailler en toute zenitude

I would die of happiness if I had a "yarn room" that looked like this! Studio space filled with exciting new fabric yarns and wool from designer Annette Grolle

Twine storage. Brilliant. - use for embroidery thread?

10 Craft Room Organizational Tips my blessed life Using clothes pin to wrap embroidery floss. must try this out as I have a bunch of embroidery floss in a box crafts