Springtime handtie

[tps_header] Is there a wedding décor detail as beloved as the Mason jar? We think not — unless it’s the more elusive blue Mason jar. Here are some photos of beautiful and creative blue mason jar wedding ideas.

Sweet mini arrangements made with dipped baby food jars

Mason jars are often used for decorating the home, wedding gifts, gardening ideas, item storage and other creative crafts. Here are some awesome Mason Jar Craft Ideas which can help you to repurpose those old mason jars for decoration or useful pieces.

Double lilacs

So beautiful! Syringa vulgaris, double purple lilac and white lilac, in antique glass pitcher

Floral Arrangement ~ daisies in old pot...

Daisies in a bucket. So simple, I love it. All I have to do is find a bucket. Oh dear here I come Mrs hens.

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pink peonies

ZsaZsa Bellagio: Pale pink peony - is there any bloom more romantic. always reminds me of a pink ruffled cabbage rose.

Pink peonies are forever a symbol of love and sweet memories for me. They were…

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I adore the nostalgic, old-fashioned, humble, heavenly-scented peony. So I merely had to choose among my many peony pins. This one came out on top. This is: Peony. It is my favorite pin on my board simply called: Flora.

My absolute Favorite!.. Peonies

Is there such a thing as too many pink peonies? We didn’t think so! Peonies are my favorite flower!

English Rose: Brother Cadfael - often mistaken for peonies.  #ruusu  Ei siis pioni, joksi tätä lajia usein luullaan.

English rose, Brother Cadfael - often mistaken for peonies.another favorite David Austin rose

pinks peonies.

Love this for my bridesmaids. Wake up and smell the peonies! Loving this gorgeous pink wedding bouquet. Love this bright color

Peonies mixed boquet

fresh flower centerpiece from my favorite florist❤️ Juliet roses, hydrangea, dahlia ranunculus by Things That Inspire Flower ideas for garden

Pink peony love...

peonies - these grew in our yard growing up, white, pink and dark pink. they were always in bloom for my birthday and my birthday dinner always included a bouquet of them. that smell is among my favorite things on earth!