All pink party for a little girl

Pink party and a tutu table! Bella's next birthday! Pink party and a tutu table! Bella's next birthday!

Make the most of unused ceiling space by hanging some poms overhead!

Be Heartless: Decorate for Valentine’s Day Without Hearts

The iconic baby shower umbrella, it's even in the drinks!

DIY Drink Parasol You know you love them…those little umbrellas embellishing those fruity alcholic beverages. I love this DIY using some mini doilies (Michaels carries them in white and gold in their.

Cabbages and Roses - rasberries & cream

Cabbages and Roses - Cabbages and Roses Fabric Collection - A pink and white floral tablecloth, striped curtains, matching cushions, with rustic metal chairs and floral crockery

Nkuku Franjipani Tiffin  Perfect for mine and Melody's girlie Mummy and Me picnics in the park.

Nkuku Frangipani Enamel Tiffin Tin - The Picnic Patch. We love these traditional handpainted Indian tins essential picnic kit!



white peonies and white cabbage roses

Mindy Rice designed the elegant fresh-from-the-garden centerpieces. Photos by Little White Dress Coordination by Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming! Flowers by Mindy Rice Floral Design

Article: Pretty girly picnic essentials to take with you next time you picnic

Today I got inspired by one of my favorite singers to write this article. When I first listened to Colbie Caillat it was like if the room I was had suddenly been transported to a house near the beach.