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Inez Janiak is a Polish tattoo artist who proves that unfinished art and imperfect lines can actually make a tattoo look pretty epic. Her unique sketch style

Colored Holes

Colored Holes

Watercolor Blue And Red Forest Mens Wrist Tattoos

Forest tattoo is a combination of a developed artistic vision and a very tender understanding of nature's beauty. More than 20 forest tattoo pictures here!

51 Creative Watercolor Tattoos For Fashionable Men & Women

Another watercolor style tattoo that is not just lovely but also full of meaning. It’s generally associated with directions and this could indicate the direction in life that you want to go to. Or perhaps, it could also mean your desire to travel.

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Watercolor tattoos are a unique form of tattoo art, which creates tattoo designs in the form of blotches and splashes of color, rather than defined outlines.