Fun and colorful way to organize supplies for your class

Classroom organization- Fun and colorful way to organize supplies for your class and add an extra bin for "trash". This keeps students from going to the recycle bin.

Plenary grid with lots of different ideas  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

Plenary Grid of ideas / Choice Board for exit ticket (students cross off when complete and then keep a record of what types they have completed (i.e / and may not repeat until they have completed all the exit tickets-perhaps modify # of choices?

Junk modelling, clever little idea for storing the tape. Would love to make a smaller version for the table.  EYFS

Could just be one of the greatest ideas ever! No more broken tape dispensers! Early Childhood Education: inspirations for life. The learning of fine motor skills too!

Pirate portraits -- ARRR! (These look so cute! Thanks from

Pirate Portraits/ Art Activity for The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates Magic Marks the Spot by Caroline Carson (chapter book ages Maybe portrait of their favorite pirate from the story and words to describe the personality traits in the border?

pirate maps...might be fun to use at the end of the year to go along with phonics spellings ar, ir, ur, er

Create your own pirate map. Part of a map unit for first grade. - you could make a map of your school or of your city - include a map key