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an outdoor area with rugs, pillows and potted plants
an orange flower with green leaves on the side and pink petals in the center, surrounded by other flowers
Nicky Perryman Textile Art
oriental poppy
a close up view of a pink flower with green center and purple petals on it
Poppy Embroideries 025
Poppy Embroideries 025 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
closeup of an embroidered fabric with pink and purple flowers on the bottom right side
Poppy Embroidery detail
Poppy Embroidery detail | by Nicky Perryman
the sewing machine is next to an intricately designed piece of fabric that looks like a peacock's tail
Nicky Perryman Textile Art
two red and yellow leaves sitting on top of a black cloth covered table next to a bottle
Textile artist Nicky Perryman.
a close up view of a basket made out of yarn and fabric with scissors in it
Nicky Perryman textile artist
a painting of a peacock sitting on top of a hill with bubbles in the air
Peacock on a Hilltop - Nicky Perryman Artist
Peacock on a Hilltop embroidery textile art by Nicky Perryman Textile and Mosaic Artist
Goldfinch on Pomegranates textile art by artist Nicky Perryman Goldfinch, Bird, Wings, Artwork, Birds, Create, Multicolour
Goldfinch on Pomegranates (Detail)
Find out how I created this little embroidered goldfinch who is hopping around some ripe and juicy pomegranates.