Winter by Sharon Blackman

Winter by Sharon Blackman - textile art

Sharon Blackman

Sharon Blackman

Baby. Quilt ir. Country. Cottage . Just. Love able, adorable Sharon Blackman!!

I was very happy with my christmas sheep picture so decided to do a non-winter version. While munching on a slice of bread & honey the other day, I thought it was time to do another honey & bees pic

Chapter 9: "He's a member of Calpurnia's church, and Cal knows his family well. She says they're clean living folks" (Lee 100). Direct, Tom Robinson

This sheep picture was made entirely by hand using recycled textiles by Sharon…

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Sharon Blackman

Textiles: Folk Art pictures made from recycled textiles and handmade greetings cards

Sharon Blackman

Chicken in the snow appliquéd and embroidered textile picture.

Sharon Blackman – Textile Artist

Sun bird by Sharon Blackman

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collage, stitching on fabric, embroidery, rabbit, Hare in snow by Sharon Blackman

Always love Sharon Blackman's applique and embroidery designs---mug rug inspiration for sure!

Sharon Blackman leaping rabbit and winter trees

Foto di Instagram di Sharon Blackman • 3 dicembre 2016 alle ore 8:21

Foto di Instagram di Sharon Blackman • 3 dicembre 2016 alle ore 8:21

Sharon Blackman - textile artist. Really inspirational! Her work is beautiful.

cards for any occasion Sharon Blackman

Sharon Blackman More

Merry Christmas everybody! Alie's search for an ice skate christmas decoration led me to do this picture & I have to say I'm really plea.

Sharon Blackman red bellied bird in the the sequins

Sharon Blackman: christmas designs... …

Sharon Blackman: christmas designs - so lovely!

Sharon Blackman

Just to let you all know of my last workshops of the year! November will be a Folkart workshop making beautiful textile Christmas cards.