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1965 fashion | ... dress from b.vikki vintage sneak peak #4) were very hot in 1965

vikki vintage on Etsy! A Peter Pan collar with a bow from The sneak peak dress I'm posting tomorrow has the .

Swag    b.vikki vintage: Vintage Life Magazine Photos from 1930s & 1940s

everythingwasawesome: These Howard University students in 1946 are pretty much everything Andre 3000 wishes he was today. Get more back-to-school fashion inspiration here.

19. Young West Indian nurse, Birmingham England: photographer Ernest Dyche

A formal portrait of a young woman wearing her nurse's uniform with well-starched cap, collar and cuffs from the Ernest Dyche Collection, Birmingham, England.

ca. 1860-1890, [portrait of Millie and Christine McKoy, conjoined twins, billed as “Millie-Christine, the Two-Headed Nightingale”]

portrait of Millie and Christine McKoy, conjoined twins, billed as “Millie-Christine, the Two-Headed Nightingale”. Black people were so exploited.

Millie and Christine McCoy, conjoined twins, ca. 1880

Millie and Christine McCoy were conjoined twins born into slavery. They and were sold to a showman.

Library of Congress - portraits of former slaves

Stunning portraits of former slaves photographed seventy years after the Emancipation Proclamation

Janet Harmon Bragg: One of the first Black female aviators…truly an unsung hero    Read “herstory” in history»

Janet Harmon Bragg, first black woman to receive a commercial pilot’s license in Photo in her flight suit, c. by Unidentified photographer, Smithsonian Institution Archives, RU Still image from Videohistory Interview Session 1 Tape