Jamie Oliver Quesadilla

quesadillas with guacamole. Guacamole is too watery and not very flavorful. If making this recipe again, use a previous quacamole recipe. Quesadillas, though straightforward were good. Vegeterian entree aint makin' your guacamole right! this sounds good.

Healthy Garden Salad

Corn, edamame, tomatoes, green onions, black bean salad with cilantro and lime/wine vinegardressing.

Jamie Oliver stew

Jools’s favourite beef stew

Taco Pasta Salad!!!   ....take that, Greek Pasta Salad; theres a new boss in town.

Taco Pasta Salad-excited to try this recipe this summer! TSTE Adobo or Southwestern Seasoning would blend perfectly into this new take on tacos!

Chargrilled courgette with basil, mint, chilli and lemon - Thomasina Miers

Chargrilled courgette with basil, mint, chilli and lemon

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Broad Bean, Pea & Sweet Potato Quesadillas


When I threw a dinner party for all of my close school friends after I moved back from America last Summer , I made I adapted an Asian Sty.

Recipe: Zesty Chicken Chili - Partnership for a Healthier AmericaPartnership for a Healthier America

It's football season! It's time to spend Sunday morning preparing our favorite chili recipe for the big game.

Thug Kitchen! This website is hilarious!! Caution, rated R language, but, oh so funny! And the recipes are healthy!

Warning, explicit language that is funny as hell. Thug Kitchen--lots of vegan recipes, lots of thug attitude, possibly the best website I've ever seen.

how to cook courgette spaghetti

Healthy Courgette Spaghetti ('Courgetti') Recipe - J for Jen