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Nicola Cleevely

Nicola Cleevely
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Pesto Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus

MADE -Pesto Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus - A super quick and easy dish, perfect for those busy weeknights! - I substituted sun dried tomatoes for the pesto version and used spaghetti as the pasta.

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake (from Jamie Cooks It Up). oh my gosh, I made this today and it was YUMMY and super simple! (I didn't use the Panko crumbs)

Fettuccine Alfredo with Pancetta - if you are a pasta lover like me, you will fall in love with this recipe!

Bacon Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine - Made this tonight minus the spinach, and added mushrooms!

Spaghetti Carbonara - this is one of my favorite pasta dishes and it's so easy to make.

25 Kid-Friendly/Picky Eater versions of fancy "grown-up" foods like spaghetti carbonara and asian style dishes.

Don't give up!

A little reminder. This is so true! I hate when people freak about calories! Girl, you're young, you can afford it! One bad meal doesn't make you fat. Just like pretending one good meal will make you healthy or skinny. Everything in moderation is true!


push yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. i think this one actually got me to do my work out after all, tonight.simple but so true

Recipe For oatmeal Pancakes. I tried this and it was GREAT! The recipe makes about two small pancakes. You can replace some things in it. Like instead of 1 pkg sweetener, I put a Tbsp of honey. This recipe is really worth pinning!

Quinoa Pancakes: Leftover quinoa makes a great superfood addition to breakfast, as seen in this pancake recipe. Besides adding extra nutrients, the quinoa adds a textural element to the dish.

Yummy healthy cookies - these are actually really good! Makes 1 dozen.

Great healthy breakfast or snack idea. If you want you could replace chocolate chips with peanut butter chips.


Homemade Hummus makes a delicious and healthy snack! 2 cans chickpeas, 1 clove garlic, tablespoons olive oil, up to ½ cup water ½ teaspoon salt