I love this idea. Now I'm wondering how many of my photos would be awesome for this

I like this cut design- a simple yet successful way to create a dynamic composition out of a static image

Films & Architecture: “Metropolis”

Gallery of Films & Architecture: "Metropolis" - 1

CIVIC ARCHITECTURE - hive mentality "Metropolis" Fritz Lang best example of what I think the pats saw the future as is this movie which in some cases I be leave is a acuray discription

Sophie Calle - follow someone for a day without having to take a picture of them

HIDDEN DETAILS Sophie Calle - working as a chamber made, Calle photographed peoples things in their hotel room. A hotel room can be seen as a temporary home.

by Ferdinando Scianna, Vienna, 1991

Looks like a hospital window in the background . the brokenness of fatality ?

this light coming from the side window creates an incredible shadow onto the bed and the rest of the room. due to the lack of objects in this bedroom, and color, we can appreciate the light coming from the window.


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