Mark Francis Vandelli talks camping on Made In Chelsea.

Made in Chelsea, This show is my guilty pleasure. They're all loaded, but are they truly happy? Mark Francis Vandelli is the only one who really has class, is well educated and is funny.

andy jordan [made in chelsea] WHY OH WHY HAVE I ONLY JUST FOUND THIS?!?!?!?

'Louise DID Sleep With 1D's Niall'

Andy Jordan says that Louise's fling with Niall Horan 'ripped' his life apart. Copyright [Now Magazine]

I don't know if it's it's how I'm feeling today.. But I really want this colour hair... To do.. Or not to do.. Hair help please !

Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson models for Vepser

Made in Chelsea Mark Francis quotes

Made in Chelsea's Mark Francis - I once knew someone who had a sleeping bag.