The Natural Momma in Me: Shape recognition tuff spot

Get a pizza pan and spray with blackboard paint. For a while now, Isabelle has known a star and a heart shape - neither of which she was taught, she just seemed to pick them up.

paintballing in the tuff spot!

Paint-balling in the Tuff Spot

Seaside beach tuff spot Sara Twinkl

Sand play in the classroom is perfect for children to build up their fine-motor skills by pouring and digging using buckets and shovels.

Learning with cars and trucks and diggers! | BabyCentre Blog

Maybe a gNe for kids with really immature grasp patterns and dislike for colouring (but likes cars) Drawing with Cars ~ Marker Cars is a fun activity that merges art and play. A great way to get the nursery boys mark making!

journey stick outdoor activity children

Nature Craft: making a journey stick