Fairy Bites - Tiny Shortbread Cookies!

What a cute idea for tea parties! Pink Piccadilly Pastries: Fairy Bites - A Sweet Little Treat Fairy Bites Land O'Lakes cup butter, slightly softened cup sugar tsp almond extract 1 cup AP flour tsp salt 4 tsp multi-colored nonpareils

how to put a gingerbread house together that is easy & stays! could use a crock pot to keep the caramel warm & close at hand...

The secret to sticking a gingerbread house together! Swedish Gingerbread House Recipe, a caramel syrup serves as the "glue." To assemble: Dip one edge of front piece in caramel, and allow excess to drip off. Coat only the edge that will be joined.

Craving a cookie--just one?? Here's the recipe for a one minute cookie (in a mug). Try it right away, you won't regret it!

One Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie-in-a Mug Butter- 1 tbsp Granulated white sugar- 1 tbsp Dark brown sugar- 1 tbsp, firmly packed Vanilla extract- 3 splashes Salt- a pinch Egg yolk- 1 Plain flour- 3 tbsp Chocolate chips- 2 tbsp ( I used dark choc.

Viennese Whirls are delicious, buttery and light - and are easy to make

Viennese whirl biscuits

Viennese whirl biscuits These delicious biscuits are buttery and light. Dont worry if youre not an expert at piping theyll still look brilliant once they are

Perfect for an afternoon tea party :)

For a tea shower- tea bag cookies - cute idea but the recipe is in French. Looks like shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate shaped into tea bag

Best big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies @ allrecipes.co.uk - These are sooo yummy :) I prefer to make them with light brown sugar rather than dark brown.

Best big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies

Best big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies This shall be the next recipe I try! Still hunting for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (in UK measurements!

Mince pies (Paul Hollywood recipe - it has to be good!)

Mince pies

Mince pies Paul Hollywood prefers melt-in-the-mouth pastry for his fruity mince pies, so this recipe is nice and short

Why not use our 3 in 1 Snack Maker to make these amazing Snowman Cupcakes! Or why not try snowman Cake pops or Muffins! http://www.gourmetgadgetry.com/acatalog/Retro_3_In_1_Sweet_Snack_Maker.html#aRETRO3IN1SWEETSNACK

These are great little festive cakes to really get the children excited about Christmas. Eye catching and really cute they are fantastic for Christmas fairs or parties or even just to entertain. The k (Christmas Bake For Kids)

Millionaire Shortbread - Brownies & Tray Bakes -Recipes - Baking Mad

Millionaire Shortbread - Brownies & Tray Bakes -Recipes - Baking Mad Bakehouse Studio Food Photographers - favourtie photos from around the web!