i can name them all chloe stephanie amanda west giselle james michelle eldon thalia emily daniel tiffany riley and hunter!

The next step Back row chloe Stephanie Amanda west Giselle middle row James Michelle Eldon Thalia emily front row Daniel Tiffany Riley and hunter

I wish I could do the splits that good... Another show that's good.

I wish I could do the splits that good. The Next Step: Emily aka Alexandra Beaton

I Love The Next Step

Baby steps, small steps, big steps, giant steps-just keep taking steps, walking & moving forward.

The Next Step: Emily the nice Emily is my fav character on the whole show

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James is by far my fav guy on the next step

Hey I'm Jake! I'm 17 and I dance for the ALDC senior team! McKenzie, Alexis and Emily are like family! There's only 1 girl in my life. I don't really want a girlfriend. My only girlfriend is dance! Kendall is my younger sister!

victoria baldesarra the next step - Google Search

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The Next Step at the beach!

Season 1 episode 5 Riley,Michelle,James,West, Eldon and Daniel at the beach

The Next Step: About the Show - family.ca

The Next Step: Amanda Season such a beautiful young lady!