This looks like chicken liver and sage pate but I'm not sure. Either way, I'm defo now inspired to make some kind of pate!

the best ever chicken liver pate

I love to serve chicken liver pate with a crispy melba toast and a dollop of something sweet. Its silken smooth so it needs the crunch. The Marmalade offers a bitter-sweet flavour which is rather d…

Succulent braised venison

Succulent braised venison

Succulent braised venison - my go-to winter dinner party recipe. Utterly delicious, rather impressive and fab with potato dauphinoise. Plus, you don't have to slave over the stove!

Recipe photo: Luxury chicken liver pate

Luxury chicken liver pate

Luxury Chicken Liver Pate _ About this recipe: This is a rich and decadent chicken liver pate recipe, which is perfect for special occasions and parties.

Lemon posset

Lemon posset recipe

Lemon Possets: "Fantastically easy and delicious, these give you that little sugar and lemon hit at the end of a meal, lifting you up for th.

Baked camembert with garlic bread

Italian Baked Camembert with garlic bread - so quick, so easy and so delicious, this is the perfect recipe with which to spoil loved ones