My cosplay photography

Various cosplay photoshoots and photoshop creations I have done over the years.
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a woman standing in front of a tardish
a star wars action figure is displayed in a snow globe
a woman flying through the air while wearing a superman costume
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a red dress and holding a heart shaped object
a man in a hooded jacket holding his hand up with lightning coming out of it
Statue, Mona Lisa, Buddha Statue
a man in a leather jacket holding a knife and pointing at the camera with his right hand
a woman holding up a circular mirror in front of her face with the sun setting behind her
Instagram, Lady, Gothic Art, Dark Angel, Vampire, Model
Historical Figures
Pin Up, Outfits, Sci Fi, Best Cosplay, Pin Up Photography
a man holding a baseball bat over his shoulder in front of a dark forest background
a man in a clown mask holding a baseball bat on a cloudy day with storm clouds behind him