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Inspirations for future photography project and magical photoshop edits
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a painting of a woman dressed as a princess holding a crystal ball in her hand
Auriana by Nyaka-N on DeviantArt
a woman in a dark forest holding a glowing ball with her hands and two skulls on the ground
The Necromancer, Lorena Lammer
Fantasy Art, Fantasy Heroes, Vampire Hunter, Fantasy Male, Rpg Character
Rose Boy by theDURRRRIAN on DeviantArt
Gothic, Gothic Beauty, Vampires, Horror, Victorian Goth, Dark Beauty, Elizabeth Bathory, Muse
dracula – FAUSTUS CROW
a digital painting of a woman's face with blue light coming from her eyes
Ley Addict by Wuggynaut on DeviantArt
a woman sitting on top of a book surrounded by flying papers in the air with her hands
Illustrating a book cover in Painter and Photoshop: 13 top tips
a painting of a woman standing in the woods with her arms around her head, wearing a black cloak
Nienna by edarlein on DeviantArt
a demonic demon holding a staff in his hands
ArtStation - Explore
a mermaid with long hair standing in the water
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a woman in a long red dress is standing on some stairs with her hair blowing in the wind
Digital Art by Nina Y | Art and Design
a man standing in the middle of a forest next to a giant deer with glowing eyes
Forest Creatures
an illustration of a woman with blue hair
AoL: Banshee by SineAlas on DeviantArt
a woman with dreadlocks standing in the water and holding her arms out to the side
Pin on Avatar the last airbender
a digital painting of a woman in purple and blue
andromeda by Izaskun on DeviantArt