Harriet Popham textiles Embroidered Architecture

harrietpophamtextiles: Embroidered Architecture - Prague /// this would be a great idea for a string study as it is unusual and really creative.

by Monikah Schuschu. cotton thread on a single layer of tulle in an embroidery hoop, almost appearing to just be floating in space.

For Slovakian textile lover Terézia Krnáčová, thread is as important as air or food. To honor this obsession, she created Everyday Bread, a simple project in which she elaborately stitches and weaves thread into slices of bread.

My concept is expression of my personal relationship with textil. I love textil art and I can‘t live a day without it. I made a composition of seven, as there are days in week, dry slides of bread, six of them processing by textil techniques and the seven

.A bit dark, perhaps, but an example of thread art none-the-less.

Modern embroidery by André Azevedo.

Edward Taylor - Three Sections Embroidered Building (Windemere, Lancashire - C.F.A Voysey)


Edward Taylor Edward Taylor - Three Sections Embroidered Building (Windemere, Lancashire - C.A Voysey)

this is so cool im sooo doing this for room decor

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas

tree silhouette string art diy decoration ideas nice use of negative space


Suzanne Bonanno Sculptor's Wardrobe - more inspiration for how wire framing domestic objects could look. I find it fascinating how she has made something that can seem so complicated such as a wardrobe look so simple and basic.

Stitching over nothing at all! Free motion embroidery.

Stitching over nothing at all! Free motion embroidery.


Tsz Kwan (Kylie) Tam -transparent and red knit

///february2015/karolina koryl

karolina koryl Wire Drawing maybe?

Fiber Art on Friday

Fiber Art on Friday

Fiber ocean art with waves embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza. I think this is beyond amazing, wow.

A still life. Flowers and insects - Ulrika Berge

natura morte, thread art - ulrika berge in wire?

jane lewis

Life drawing in colour


I like the drawing style and the simple repeated lines.

David Oliveira is a Spanish sculptor graduate of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

Lisbon-born sculptor David Oliveira creates delicate figurative sculptures using wire that’s formed to look like manically drawn ink sketches. Some pieces are hung by invisible filament creating the illusion of hovering in place.

Embroidered currency --- could do this with tickets or leaflets or something

Hand-sewn cash from all over the world. - the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.