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Sesame Chicken Wonton Cups

YUMMY - Sesame Chicken Wonton Cups (This was mmmm mmmm good! The chicken was sooooooo flavorful! I put the sesame sauce in a gravy boat, and had people put their own on to their liking!

Salmon Tartare Cornets with Sweet Red Onion Crème Fraîche

The French Laundry Salmon Tartare Cornets: shape the black sesame tuile batter into cones, bake them to a golden brown. Make sweet red onion crème fraîche & salmon tartare (chives/shallots/olive oil).

Watermelon and Goat Cheese Appetizer

Watermelon and goat cheese appetizers. Spoon a little of the goat cheese into or onto the watermelon. A squeeze of lime over the top finished things off. Mint would be nice too.

These brilliant goats cheesecake recipe from award winning British chef, Simon Hulstone, are tasty and look amazing - truly, the ultimate canapé recipe

Goat's cheesecake with red onion jam

50 Winter Wedding Appetizers That Will Make Your Mouth Water |

This would be cool to fill w chicken salad, make a little trough out of it! Cucumbers are halved and carved to hold spring rolls: a creative and fresh take on a classic wedding appetizer. Created by Peter Callahan Catering

Spiced Gazpacho Shots with Chilli Prawns

Spiced gazpacho shots with chilli prawns (geen recept) - enkel idee voor als presentatie !

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