My name is Nightflare. I am on Deviantart, tumblr and twitter too. I draw all sorts of stuff.
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Bonnie got a hug from Markiplier?!?!?!?! STUFF ME IN A SUIT AND MAKE MARK PLAY FNAF!!!!!!!!!

Five nights at Freddy's (Smut/one shot) - Markiplier and Bonnie hug - Page 1 - Wattpad Mais

JackoBonnie by xNIR0x on DeviantArt

Well Marky is going to have a jako of fun This is really going to bright up his night funny enough i have been craving eggs

The king is sleeping by xNIR0x on DeviantArt

Me: awwww Markiplier is so cute! Bonnie: Shhhhhh the king is asleep Foxy: yeah shhhhh Bonnie : that means all of you