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Nikki Cuthbertson

Nikki Cuthbertson
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Gym parents: Do you find yourself asking "How was gym?" and always get the answer "fine"? Here are 25 alternative questions you can ask your gymnast that may give you a different response.

Aimed at gym parents but good for skating parents to ask after practice too!

Speechless AGAIN.. (smh) This is ALL cake, w/fondant fries. The can of coke had to be painted.

macdonalds fast food cake, w/fondant fries. The can of coke was most challenging for me as it had to be painted. You need to find the right mix of red (gel or liquid) to get the color right.

Love the space you have with these borderline genius ideas

DIY Decorative Clothes Rack With Old Ladder. Instead of trashing your old ladder, turn it into a cheerful shelf together with 2 wooden brackets to display your clothes and keep them organized.

A few posts back I shared a tour of my parents Vermont farmhouse . It continues to be a work in progress.

A conservatory dining room like this, with a freestanding table, benches on three sides, a door to the lounge on the left and a side door on the right.