Nikki Ramsey
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Before Heels Off Wedding Flip flops - people made their own flip flop baskets!

'In case your feet are tired and sore grab a pair and dance some more' spare flip flops for dancing wedding guests! I love this cute wedding touch to help make your guests a bit more comfortable and enjoy the wedding more!

In Memory I love this idea..and Jeremy and I will be doing this at our wedding!! #goingtodothis

I love this idea. Lighting a candle in memory of someone that you may have lost at your wedding is a beautiful way of honoring them.For my Aunt Rita, My Cousin Kimmy, and my Grandma and one for all the other loved ones my family has lost.

Fingerprint rings: Customized with your loved one's fingerprint

Sterling Silver Custom Fingerprint Wedding or Commitment Bands with Single Fingertip Whorl Print. A truly unique set of wedding bands that you won't find in a catalog or mall jewelry store!

Cave of the winds...Colorado springs, Colorado

Cave of the winds.Colorado springs, Colorado easy walking tours of the caves and underground formations, also an awesome canyon swing called Terror-dactyl that Danny will LOVE. Just a few minutes from Garden of the Gods