Fine motor skills reinforcement with leaves. More

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

scissor skills activity with jello :: learn to use scissors :: fine motor sensory play

Learning scissor skills with jelly sensory play

My daughter loves super squishy jelly for a messy play time. As it comes in lots of different colours and flavours, and it’s so inexpensive, you can use it for all sorts of different sensory play experiences.

funky fingers. finger gym. fine motor skills. Pine cone and elastic band fine motor activity

Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers- pine cones and elastic bands

Set up a super-simple fine motor activity for kids using pine cones and elastic bands! Great for strengthening those little hand muscles crucial for writing development later on, and good for concentration and hand:eye co-ordination too.

Linked to fire fighters!

We could always change to dinosaurs, bugs etc. links to maths too! Just need to find some magnetic numbers