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oh, my! I just saw this and I've gotta say this is so true. Even I didn't know the extent and depth of this until he betrayed me to the depths of my soul over and over and over with a very cheap sleezy woman . . . HIS type of woman . . . take advantage of my kindness and intellect with HER? don't think so . . .

Even I didn't know the extent and depth of this until being betrayed over and over, and taken advantage of my kindness/loyalty


20 things to start doing in your relationship. Every single person should take this to heart, if you don't do this you're relationship will fall apart. I really don't want our relationship to fall apart. Doing these things each & every day.


Nothing against Twilight, but this is the absolute truth. Wonderful beginning to a movie that captures a couple's whole life together without ANY words at all


Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: The weatherman gave no indication of the shitstorm of crazy people that were coming out today.