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Footage posted online shows three animal rights activists take the dog away as the crying man tries to stop them. Who the FUCK do the 3 people think they are I hope they show there face in public I would love to punch that FUCKING PRICK.

The video had gone viral after being posted online, with a woman screaming at the activists: "You don't have the right to do this!

How To Make A Skinny Body Fat Flush Water - Zero Calorie Drink! If you’re looking to lose weight and flush down the unwanted body fat inside you, here’s a homemade weight loss drink for you.

Skinny Fiber Fat Flush and Detox Ingredients 1 cucumber 1 lemon 2 limes 1 bunch of mint Slice them all and divide the ingredients between four 24 oz water bottles Lemons: Help in the absorption of sugars and calcium and cuts down your cravings for sweets.

GoPro HD Motorsports.

The GoPro HD Motorsports Edition cameras are used by more motorsports professionals, race teams and core enthusiasts than any other camera in the world.

Love this car restored it my self lol

Love this car restored it my self lol