Moomin board game

Moomin board game-- We love Moomin!

Moomin: Moomin illustrations.

Japanese Moomin card - 15 - Not available


Little did I know one is called Moomin Mymble :D


From Moomin comic strip by Tove Jansson.


Posts about Moomin Mania on Catastrophic Findings

Moomins anime - Bing Images  <3 <3 <3

Moomins anime - Bing Images <3 <3 <3

Finn Family Moomintroll

Identify who is telling the story at various points in the text Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson

Moomin bed linen

Bäddset Mumin Ruusumuumi/ Finlayson

It's a shame it doesn't come as double :( Made by Finlayson.

Moomin wallpaper in the kitchen

Moomin wallpaper in the kitchen

The Moomins

Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti - Moomin troll and the comet.

Moomin bed linen from Finlayson.

Moomin bed linen from Finlayson Finland

Moomin nails!

Nail art from the NAILS Magazine Nail Art Gallery, hand-painted,

Tales from Moominvalley

Here are nine delightfully funny stories about the triumphs and tribulations of the citizens of Moominvalley. Readers will discover how the Moomin family save y

Little My painting on the wall

Little My painting on the wall

Moominland Midwinter

MOOMIN MIDWINTER by TOVE JANSSON - "I loved reading the Moomin books as a child but Moominland Midwinter has an air of melancholy that captured my soul. I love the weird creatures who only come out in Winter, the Lonely and the Rum!

Design ideas from Moomin books

Interior Design from Moomin Books

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