girl 5, 6 7cutpastejuly 2013

redlipstickresurrected: “ Gemma Anton (Spanish, b. Valencia, Spain) - Girl 6 from Women & Girls & Dandys collection, 2013 Hand Made Collage: Cut + Paste ”

cut face

Gainsbourg / Collage of slices of photos / different colors overlayed

by Franz Falckenhaus

Franz Falckenhaus

Facebreaker | Flickr - By franz falckenhaus

Interesting collage piece by Franz Falckenhaus. both images tie together through similar colour pallet. The scattered fragments of the face almost look suspended in the air creating a beauty within the violence of the image.

Magazine Art Portraits

Magazine Art Portraits

Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus lives and works in Vienna. She is a widely known and exhibited artist who makes these amazing images using mixed media and collages made from magazine tear-outs.

34 Captivating Cubist Photos. Fora student Art project?

34 Captivating Cubist Photos

♥ Sculpture

MongrelNation — Imagery & Creative Conception - ‘The Oracle’ — Key Visuals

AMADEO ORELLANA, COLLAGE: and then with your restraint and then i barf on my keyboard trying to find your damn website.