Gilmore Girls

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three people standing in front of a house holding a shovel and smiling at the camera
#sookiestjames #lorelaigilmore #michelgerard SE4 EP4
I LOVE HER 🤷‍♀️❤️
a young man standing next to a white wall with the words team tristan tbh on it
aka me
a man standing next to a cartoon character with the words twins on it's face
i knew he look familiar
a man and woman sitting on a bench with the text chillton row was too good for
tell me otherwise
two women standing outside with boxes in their hands and the caption says, it's from my mother what is it?
Gilmore Girls
a girl with long brown hair is smiling and looking at the camera she's a 10 but she treats her friends badly heats on multiple guys, and acts like she's better than everyone else
A zero 😍
Lane Kim, Pretty When You Cry
a man and woman sitting in front of each other with the caption lane and dave not being endgame is my villain origin story
two people standing next to each other with the words they are such an underrated duo
Sookie and Michel>>