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لا تكثر من الشكوى فيأتيك الهم، لكن أكثر من الحمد لله تأتيك السعادة

لا تكثر من الشكوى فيأتيك الهم، لكن أكثر من الحمد لله تأتيك السعادة

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I was fascinated by the way that ice warped and distorted objects caught in it so I started to experiment taking photos of objects encapsulated in ice. In one of my many experiments I dropped the ice block into a swimming pool. It cracked in the most interesting way and so I decided to make it a project.

Photographer Bruce Boyd and his girlfriend, artist Tharien Smith, create frozen flower arrangements. See more images from Zerodegrees

<p>‘Freezing Flowers’ is a new project by a Spanish photographer, Paloma Rincon. These gorgeous still life images shows frozen flowers displayed in blocks of ice. Rincon took inspiration from the art history, where flora has often been represented. The series is Rincon’s own, contemporary form to build nature’s new visual language, where textures and shapes of…</p>

Freezing Flowers is a self-initiated project by Madrid-based photographer, Paloma Rincón, exploring floral photography in her unique and experimental series.

Jon Shireman's "Broken Flowers"

Shattered Flowers (Orchid) by Jon Shireman: created by soaking various flowers in liquid nitrogen bath for thirty seconds before using a spring-loaded contraption to launch them against a white surface, where they shattered.