Tyre small world play

Tire small world play - you could even fill up an old tire (or small kiddie pool) with good quality sod for a more simple surface.

Adventures of Adam Toddler water play using teabags

Teabag Sensory Fun

Rhyme Time again and a chance to share a Nursery Rhyme related activity with you. Today's rhyme is I'm A Little Teapot where we had teabag sensory fun.

DIY Tuff Spot Mats  Make your own Tuff Spot Mats | http://adventuresofadam.co.uk/make-your-own-tuff-spot-mats/

Make your own Tuff Spot Mats

DIY Tuff Spot Mats - quick and easy creation of tuff spot or play tray that will make clean up easier and can add extra dimension to play.