Catching spider webs!

Put real spiderwebs on paper. great way to preserve/ examine a spiderweb - Interesting!I'd have to get close enough to the spider web to actually do this.

Little A-Frame cookie houses - quick and simple variation on gingerbread houses (hansel and gretel)

Gingerbread houses easy - can you do this with gingers snaps and sprinkles and icing? Little cookie houses - cute idea for the smaller kids to decorate.

Fabriquer des vers de terre comestibles

Fabriquer des vers de terre comestibles

Jello worms through straw molds. The bendy straw section creates ridges and can demonstrate (sort of) the saddle of the worm.

"Wizard's Workshop": -- A sheet of original potion bottle labels for you to attach to your own bottles and jars - A sheet of Magic Spellbook labels for you to attach to kid's "spellbooks" - A sheet of wax seal images, with alphabet and symbol seals in a variety of colors - Instructions and 6 different color templates to create your own rolled paper magic wands

Could link dragons to wizards- half way through dragons owner could be a wizard who has potions. Could write rhymes for potions capacity coloured water

Great way to start an activity in case anyone doesn't want to hunt for sticks.

Do your children believe in fairies? Here's a beautiful {and simple} way to make a magic fairy wand and edible wands.