Raised-bed vegetable garden

Alternative Gardning: Raised-bed vegetable garden ~Must remember to also put a sprinkling system into my raised garden beds!

Great layout of raised beds

I love the easy access and another great idea for organizing a veg garden Front Yard Vegetable Garden Seattle

Kitchen Garden

Beautiful kitchen garden with brick walkways. Paths are wide. Outside edges have elderberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, and blackberries. (back yard garden)

10 perennial vegetables and herbs. Plant just once and enjoy for a few years. #garden

Ten Perennial Vegetables/Herbs-Plant Just Once and Harvest Every Year

How to Grow An Avocado Tree. It takes some patience but it's worth it. The plants are beautiful!

How To: Grow an Avocado Tree

how to grow: an avocado tree, apple tree, citrus tree, pineapple plant, yams from produce seeds/cuttings you buy at the grocery. I've always wanted to grow my own avocado tree!

32 Companion Planting Tips

32 companion planting tips. In case you're wondering what to plant in your garden next year, here is a cool chart with lots of companion planting tips! Too bad raspberries aren't on here, but they did really well this year with my tomatoes and cucumbers.

Vertical Garden,  a great idea, saves reaching for watering and harvesting,  And it might stop slugs

Vertical Garden: Metal planters create a vertical garden on the side of a fence. - Cute idea for all our herbs

raised beds.....herb garden

raised bed triangles -- I had triangles for 10 years and had to rip them up and re-design. I couldn't reach the centers, and they got weedy every year.

Herb Garden | jardin d'herbes aromatiques

The Homebase Garden – Sowing the Seeds of Change Sponsored by Homebase Gold medal winner Designed by Adam Frost Built by Landform Consulta.

Learn how to grow grapes in your own garden.

How to Grow Grapes in Your Backyard

Growing grapes at high altitude fruit that grow on a vine,guide to growing grape vines how long does it take to grow grape vines,how to plant vine peach growing grapes lattice.

Vegetable planting infographic

Become a vegetable growing pro in no time with this handy cheat sheet. A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet - infographic (UK)

Gravel around the raised beds

heirloom philosophy - a photo of a French kitchen garden. Love the layout of these raised beds, paired with pea gravel paths! Clean and classic. For back yard behind picture windows

Movable Herb Garden idea

Herb Garden Inspiration & Ideas {Over 50 Pots, Planters, and Containers

Tiered Wooden Planter Know I know what to do with the iron table base I garbage picked. Doing to make a small raised garden bed.

The Checkerboard Herb Garden - Even if it rains you can get to your herbs.

The Checkerboard Herb Garden/Even if it rains you can get to your herbs. I can do this with wall stones from the woods, and put it next to the stone patio. Love the checkerboard :)