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I pretend to not need hugs, i can deal with all the shit i have in my life easily, i just cry sometimes. NO i need hugs especially from my ex bf i just want my ex

Would like to cuddle Ry now U_U, life's thrown another brick at me and making health issues such crap (wtf happened to my body) life's a downer. My life sucks and legit he was the only great t hing about it. ((cry emoticon)) U_________U

metal problems | via Tumblr hate it when that happens, man

Are you a metalhead or are you into heavy metal music? We will give you the most relatable problems.

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Pruning Conifers It is best to prune conifers as little as possible. Pruning is basically just to repair damage to branches or we get. If conifers two peaks, it is important for their growth, one o…