excited about scriptures

Getting kids excited about scriptures, has some good ideas. Love the idea about action figures and having the kids dress up as Biblical characters :) I'll pass over the LDS teachings.

vintage paper trees- made from a half circle.-- could be made of fabric and used in a quilt or as an embellishment on a garment.

vintage paper trees made from a half circle. would be so cute on canvas art, as garland or on packages or cards. Picture only but would be easy, just fold half circle back and forth on itself. Add ribbon or more paper for trunk.


Book of Mormon Lessons Archives - Teaching LDS Children

This is a *series* of Book of Mormon stories similar to the Bible Stories books that are readily available. Laura does a wonderful job summarizing the stories in a format that will be easy to use as FHE lessons! This Book of Mormon story includes a flow chart showing where different groups of people in the Book of Mormon go.

Mosiah the First

Peoples of the Book of Mormon flow chart website has lots of FHE lessons

book of mormon reading chart

book of mormon game board/reading chart- FHE idea?

So happy to find this site! Amazing lesson helps and handouts for every Primary 4 lesson!

Are You Teaching Primary 4: Book of Mormon this Year?

Chicken Scratch Primary 4 Book of Mormon lesson helps

Lots of different handouts for visiting teaching each month. Plus, really great quotes!

and Spiritually Speaking: January 2012 Visiting Teaching Message - Watchcare and Ministering through Visiting Teaching

Primary 4: Book of Mormon Lesson 1: The Book of Mormon, a Gift from a Loving Heavenly Father Lesson 2: Nephi Follows His Father, the Prophet Lesson 3: Obtaining the Brass Plates Lesson 4: The Tree …

Primary Book of Mormon Lesson The Book of Mormon, a Gift from a Loving…

Let's Get Crafty: No-Sew Quiet Book for Church

This was SOOOO fun to make. I& kinda sad it& finished. I worked on it constantly for like 3 days straight.

A Year of FHE: LDS Coloring Pages

Year The Wise Man and the Foolish Man