Purple spider flower

A detail of a purple spider flower (Cleome hassleriana) as it begins to bloom by Francisco Marty on

beauty-rendezvous:Cranbrook bell (Darwinia meeboldii) (by cordiaczek)

Cranbrook bell ~ Barbara Waldoch - Pixdaus (Darwinia meeboldii (Cranbrook Bell) is a shrub which is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia.

Princess Lily (Dwarf Alstroemeria)

Princess Lily (Dwarf Alstroemeria)---how pretty and they last forever when cut. There are dozens of other colors too.

Snowdrops and Raindrops....love

Snowdrops and Raindrops.as a small child I would wait each spring to see when the little snowdrops would pop their heads out of the snow.a sure sign that spring had arrived :)

Pink Camellia

The perfect pink single Camellia. The one thing that could have kept me in a sad marriage: giant old bushes of this camellia in the back yard of the house we owned.

Duet Rose

The Duet rose is a two-tone medium pink rose that is beautiful, popular and is easy to grow. This rose is hardy, vigorous and produces an abundant amount of flowers giving off a mild tea-rose fragrance.