AQA GCSE core science - Diet and Exercise -

This video relates to GCSE science or AQA GCSE science. A short video to help you with AQA core science, Diet and Exercise, malnutrition, metabolism and meta.

AQA GCSE Science and Biology - Energy and Biomass -

A video to explain how to draw a pyramid of biomass and why the biomass decreases at each level in food chains. This is for AQA GCSE Science and AQA GCSE Bio.

Free Energy from Biomass -

Nature's Furnace uses biomass to create heated air, heated fluids and electricity. It's patented burn is designed to combust organic wastes (including the hi.

What is Biomass contract ? - YouTube

What is Biomass?

Biomass: an introduction -

How biomass fuels can be used to heat homes and generate energy, and which biomass systems are suitable for smaller-scale community projects.

How does biomass work? - Sustainability -

Biomass energy consists in using organic material as an energy source. This organic material can be natural, residual sub-product or waste from agricultural .