Button Tree on Canvas

Button Tree: a beautiful canvas project full of vibrant colors

Another idea with what I can do with all my buttons -- Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas (nice for my sewing room)

This is amazing!

Button-Balloons "Up" wall decor, card, frame (balloons made of colored buttons). Such a great idea! I love Up! DIY inspiration (no tutorial), gift idea, valentines

I love this button tree!

"This idea is simple but creates a fabulous textural piece of art. The kids will have such fun. They could create smaller pictures for things like cards/invitations and everything up to large art pieces for the bedroom wall!" // looks like fun :)

Paper Plate Rainbow Kids Craft | Cute St. Patrick's day or Spring kids activity.

Paper Plate Rainbow Kid Craft

This paper plate rainbow project is perfect for welcoming spring into your home! With some cotton balls, a paper plate, colorful cardstock, and a ton of glue, you and your child can make this fun craft.

Artwork made from buttons. {Tip: Buy cheap clothes with interesting buttons at thrift stores. Some thrift stores sell bags of buttons for only a few dollars}

Great use for old buttons. Sort by color Create art. I could even print off some "template" pieces of art, to give the kids an idea of where to start. Wish I had a million buttons

button heart

A marvelously button bedecked shabby chic handmade card would be a nice Valentine's Day craft.

button crafts DIY gifts

Baby Nursery Button Monogram on Lavender Silk -- Ready-To-Frame -- by Letter Perfect Designs on Etsy (frame not included) craft-ideas

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