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Noah Corbett

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Every single person is unique. We are all drops of water in the sea yet we are all unique individuals. Therefore, whatever I did and will do, I set my goal as to learn about people's unique values and personalities and mine as well. Not only to be satisfied about the bright and sparkling side of ourselves, but also to learn to accept and be proud of the imperfect side, for both of them are special parts of our personality and God's gifts.


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CUT AND STICK. Project for the RCA. Exploring spacial awareness and spatialism in relation to tree surgeons

G G E N O M E | Drape Experimentations | Look 7 • 1

G G E N O M E | Drape Experimentations | Look 7 • 1

THE LAST STOMP - development

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Creative with good written and verbal communication skills. Strengths within fashion design include draping and working visually in 3D on the stand to generate designs, pattern cutting, textile and yarn development and the use of Gerber. A strong team player who is confident and versatile with strong motivation and ambition to be successful within the fashion industry. Graduate Collection was shortlisted for the Gala Awards 2015 at Graduate Fashion Week and can also be viewed on…

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development; fashion collage; fashion portfolio // Giryung Kim #fashiondesigners,

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Miu Miu is young, fresh and smart yet keeps its consistent elegance and sophistication. This collection takes historic references from post impressionism and focuses on women from the Moulin rouge and La Goulue. Inspirations of colour and playfulness of the collection have been taken from paintings of Toulouse Lautrec.


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Touch me is a menswear collection based on a true story about a 103 year old man at a nursing home in Ostrobothnia, Western Finland. The old man lived together with his wife in a room for two until the wife passed away and the man was transferred to a single room where he became sad and mournful. When the nurses entered his room he would ask them to put their hand on his shoulder since that made him feel better for a while. People underesti- mate the power of physical touch and how vital it…